Protecting Your Teeth From Thanksgiving Dinner


Here at Redmond Dental Group, we love sharing our gratitude with our incredible patients. Every day you fill our ears and hearts with your stories, making our lives better in the process. We are thankful for your beautiful smiles and support over the 30 years we have been serving Central Oregon. We are grateful for the advances in dental technology that allow us to provide the best possible care for you and your family. Our dedicated staff makes coming to work each day a treat. We are thankful for each other as we work together to create a compassionate, relaxing and fun environment for our patients.

Gratitude rocks! Thanks for being a part of it.

As you sit down to a bounteous Thanksgiving feast this year, please keep these easy Healthy Teeth Tips in mind:

  • Load up on turkey and other high-protein foods. Protein is great for body and teeth health as well as bone strength.
  • Drink milk. The calcium in milk and other dairy products strengthens teeth. Cheese can provide a buffer against foods with high acidity, such as wine. Try pairing them up for optimal teeth health.
  • Avoid sticky and sugary ANYTHING. Chewy candy, dried fruit, caramel corn and other sticky foods can lead to food getting trapped in the cracks and crevices of your teeth and can damage dental work.
  • Eat your cranberries. This magical fruit contains a slew of vitamins and nutrients good for your health. Consider making your own sauce in order to control the amount of sugar being used.
  • Think orange. Pumpkins, squash, carrots and other orange veggies are rich in Vitamin A, which the body uses to form tooth enamel.
  • More onions, please. Onions, especially when eaten raw, kill bacteria in your mouth that can be harmful to teeth and gums. Just be careful when leaning in to give a goodbye kiss to your Great Aunt Bertie.
  • Fiber does a body good. Sweet potatoes, pumpkin, broccoli, spinach, pomegranates and other high-fiber foods help clean your mouth while you eat. Fiber stimulates saliva production and naturally scrubs your teeth while you chew.

Most importantly, water is king! It’s your best tool for keeping your teeth healthy this holiday season. Water stimulates saliva flow in your mouth, which can remove unwanted bacteria and decrease the potential for cavities. Drink frequently before, during and after meals.

Having healthy teeth is cool (and outweighs any noogie risk from your brother Brad when he spots you bringing your own toothbrush to the family shindig). Don’t be afraid to pack a travel toothbrush if you are heading out for the holidays. Brushing after the main meal is always a smart idea. If you can’t brush, at least try to floss. At the very minimum, rinse your mouth out with water after each meal to keep your teeth as healthy as possible.

As family and friends surround you this holiday season, please take a moment to give thanks for the privilege it is to live with so much abundance. We are grateful for you and wish you a safe and healthy Thanksgiving.

(While we are great at doling out Healthy Teeth Tips, we are even better at cleaning up after the holidays! Click here to schedule your appointment for a post-Turkey Day check-up and teeth cleaning.)

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